Schwarzwolf Liard termohrnek

369,00 Kč

The Schwarzwolf stainless steel thermos mug with a volume of 360 ml ensures easy and pleasant drinking of your favorite drink.

Do you like to enjoy coffee, tea or another drink while driving or walking? No more disposable cups that are often so hot you can't hold them. Carry even hot drinks very easily without any inconvenience. The thermo mug will keep its contents pleasantly warm or cold, depending on what drink you choose to fill it with. The thermos mug in a practical black color is packed in a Schwarzwolf gift box. Thank you for saving our planet and not using disposable cups and bottles.

Volume: 360 ml
Black colour
Material: stainless steel, plastic

Due to stock availability, delivery time may be 3-4 weeks.

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  • Weight 0.5 kg

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